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Crisis Management

My two-penneth on the financial crisis- by way of a gay art house club night in Stoke Newington- as published by The Londonist Club Watch: Queers in Crisis @ Vogue Fabrics.


Tweeting to the Converted

When my friends and I got our acts together and synchronised iCalendars to attend Hackney Attic’s Question Time Tweet-a-Long, the event had already garnered cult status (Dimble-Dancing, dedicated drinking games, even an on-camera shout-out from Dimbers himself). So much so, The Guardian were on to it.

It is part dream come true, part cliché come-down to find yourself doing exactly what people would expect of you (attending an ironic-liberal-digital-dance-off in an attic above an art house cinema in east London, say) and then find yourself being interviewed about it for your all-time favourite paper. Luckily, I later found myself being ever so slightly misquoted and sounding rather more morose than most people who know me would expect, so I managed to override my programming after all, albeit by proxy. Oh and I got to see Grace Petrie perform, which was at once so plaintive and impassioned that I forgot who was Tweeting what about who and lost myself in her ‘Emily Davison Blues’. Which is probably just what you’d expect, isn’t it?

Heard it here first: Hackney Hear sound app launches

A combination of radio artistry and technical wizardry unlocks a storied patch of east London: my profile of the Hackney Hear sound app for the Hackney Citizen.

I’m Only Sleeping

Visitors to this site in the last six weeks or so would be forgiven for thinking the proverbial Post Its have lost all their rainbow lustre and subtle adhesive quality, shrivelled up and floated to the ground, like so many trampled Autumn leaves. Not so. Well, not quite. This blog-beast is merely hibernating whilst its keeper offers her services beyond her East End comfort zone; which isn’t to say that a bit of local knowledge hasn’t served her well up town, as this post for Time Out’s blog Now Here This hopefully testifies:

Burning Down the Haus: Arthaus Bonfire Lounge

Burn baby, burn.

Bonfire Lounge at Arthaus © Galerie8

Do The Locomotion

It doesn’t get more ‘on message’ for this blog than an independent music festival staged on and around the East London Line. This week I met up with Amanda Lwin, 50% of the creative and organisational force behind Soundtracks, for my latest Londonist preview.

Cultural Vandalism

Scrap Club in action

Art meets rage meets destruction meets catharsis meets clubbing- in a car park.

I talked to artist Joel Cahen for my Londonist preview of Scrap Club‘s first outing to Hackney Wick, just a sledgehammer’s throw from the Olympic Stadium,  on 9/11.

The aftermath

Debris/ exhibit

Lock in

On my first outing for The Londonist this week, I found myself locked out. Read my debut review of artist Ryan Gander’s installation Locked Room Scenario on the capital’s favourite blog.

Locked Room Scenario – Ryan Gander

Photographer Julian Abrams

Commissioned and produced by Artangel with the support of Londonewcastle and the Lisson Gallery