Minute Man

In February of this year, Stoke Newington-based artist and performer Brian Lobel asked the good people of Brixton Market to put a price on their time. He offered to purchase 60 seconds of it for the sum of £1- a more lucrative rate than the London Living Wage, which works out at a mere 13p per minute. If the shoppers and passers by agreed (and some didn’t), Brian filmed them doing whatever they pleased for exactly a minute; some sang, some danced, some wept, some slept.

Once they’d signed on the dotted line, their latterday Faustian pact was sealed, and like a tech-savvy Mephistopheles for our times, Brian proceeded to burn the exclusive minute to DVD, flogging it back to the public a week later for purposes both virtuous and nefarious- it was down to the consumer to decide.  Outside the cosy Book Box cafe on  Thursday 3rd March I filmed the grand unveiling of the Carpe Minuta Prima vending machine (or should that be time machine?).

A meditation on exchange, ownership and value, to chime with the private and increasingly public obsession with time management, precious time, spare time, free time, the time rich, the time poor… ad infinitum.


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