Squatter’s Rights

For 12 months between the credit-crunching spring of 2008 and 2009, twenty-something journalist and Cambridge grad Katharine Hibbert decided to chuck it all in. She’d been made redundant and the rent on her flat had increased into the bargain, but never the less, she seized the opportunity to fundamentally re-imagine her life. Primarily through squatting, she sought to shake off the shackles of 9 to 5, wage-slave living for the weekend and paying into the ruinous London  rental market. No job, no flat= no boss, no landlord; but could it be possible to be truly free in in the modern metropolis?

Katharine found that it was, bar a few quid for an emergency KitKat here, and a bus fare there.  Here, she tells me the tale in an interview first recorded for Resonance FM on 10th March 2010.


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