Home Hairdressing

Click here to listen: Home Hairdressing audio

I’ve been lucky enough to have my hair cut in the comfort of my hairdresser’s home for almost two years now. Word of mouth put my hair in the hands of Emma Earnshaw in her previous incarnation at the smashing Milner’s salon in Camden back in 2006. I now trot along to her Bloomsbury flat and am coiffured in altogether more homely surroundings. The appeal of the domestic treatment has sent many of my friends flocking to her door for cuts and colours, as well as her long standing clientele. I was curious to know the impact of all this intrusion into her private space, as well as to examine the attraction for customers.  Emma and fellow devotee Natalie Trangmar generously obliged.

Photograph by Kirsty McQuire


One response to “Home Hairdressing

  1. Natalie Trangmar

    I don’t dare listen to this I was so hungover and full of cold…

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